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What is the D8CRT?
The District 8 Community Round Table is an association of Neighborhood, Business, Athletic, Recreational and Faith based leaders, brought together to help advise the San Jose City Council District 8 office of important community needs.  It also allows education and communication of important issues affecting the community back to all District 8 residences and businesses.
What is the purpose of the D8CRT?
The D8CRT's purpose is to improve the quality of life within District 8 and the surrounding neighborhoods. The D8CRT researches, promotes, and/or participates in programs and and educate on projects that will result in overall community betterment.  The D8CRT's goal is to foster, build, educate  and support community organizations and positive individual activism within the District.
When does the D8CRT Meet?
The D8CRT meets the
first Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Evergreen Branch Library located at:
2635 Aborn Road
San Jose, CA 95121
To signup for email announcements, please go to
and then click on the "Join this Group" button
Everyone,  especially those who live and/or work in San Jose District 8, is welcome to attend our meetings
Why Join the D8CRT?

Questions? Email us
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Mail for the D8CRT may be sent to our box at the Eastridge Mall Post Office:
        District 8 Community Round Table
        P.O. Box 731168
        San Jose, CA  95173-1168  USA
Our Booth at Day in the Park Oct 2008
Next meeting is Thurs, Jan 8, 2015 - 7:00 PM
To pay your D8CRT Dues ($15/year),
please either bring them to the next meeting or mail them to:
District 8 Community Round Table
P.O. Box 731168
San Jose, CA  95173-1168
For more information, please contact us

D8CRT Steering Committee (duties listed in Bylaws) meets the
first Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Evergreen Branch Library
D8CRT is now a 501(c)3 organization
Your dues (only $15/year) may be
 tax deductible
as a charitable contribution
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